Monday, September 2, 2013

Every Kid Counts!

At London Shido-kan Karate Dojo we are a non-competitive school, meaning- we don't attend tournaments as a rule. Our association Shido-kan Karate Canada, headed up by Sensei Roy Paul, has an annual friendship kata tournment. There are no fighting divisions as in most competitions.

In a traditional karate setting it's imperative that EVERY student experience growth and positive feedback as a result of his or her karate training. Yes each dojo has students who are "quick studies" so-to-speak - but those kids are like sponges when it comes to retaining information or reproducing techniques.
I am not suggesting that we own the franchise on this ideology- but in a society where competitive athletes are revered (even at a young age) we just may stand out in this way of thinking.

I will speak more of this in future posts.

For now it is my pleasure to direct you to a blog that belongs to a parent of one of our students- and a person I think of as a friend. Please have a look at Melissa Corbeil's article - Melissa Corbeil's blog

Thank you Melissa for your kind words and allowing me the privilege of teaching your daughters karate