Friday, November 8, 2013

More great bodyweight training

Good morning

As I've said in other posts - while I enjoy lifting weights in the traditional sense - I really love doing exercises that employ one's own bodyweight.
This means that you need little or no equipment other than maybe a mat and a pull-up bar. You also don't need a ton of space to perform the exercises in.

Watch the link below first, then decide if you need to tailor it for your needs. You don't have to perform 50 repetitions of each exercise right off- start with as few as 10 if you like. Also if there is a movement that you're not able to perform without discomfort, simply drop that one and double-up on one that you like. The clip is called an MMA workout but is obviously not exclusive to those involved in mixed martial arts- or any martial art for that matter.

Have some fun with the routine. Time yourself the first time that you do it, and either add more repetitions to each exercise, or try to improve your time for the same numbers. Setting small short-term goals really helps to keep working out more interesting and motivating.

*if you any doubts about your ability to perform this or any other exercise program- or if you have sustained any type of injury- particularly in the back or neck region- contact your physician or qualified physio-therapist to receive medical clearance before attempting this exercise.

Bodyweight 500 by Funk Roberts

Have a great weekend!