Thursday, December 12, 2013

Emotional and Mental Fitness

Good Morning

This time of year often causes one to reflect on the past year's events, successes and short-comings and everything in between. It can evoke sad feelings due to the loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, or seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) just to name a couple. If someone is a Grinch it may just be because there is an explanation of some kind and not that he or she is just an ogre lol.

And then there are those eternally positive, joyful people who manage to smile even bigger and brighter during the Christmas season. Thank goodness for them!

I stumbled across the following article on the Bodyrock Daily HIIT blog and thought it was worth sharing. It's not really "season specific" but my feeling is it may be just the right thing for some to read at this time.
Have a look at it and try to honestly evaluate yourself on each point to see how you measure up.

My conclusion regarding myself is that I seem to still have some work to do in some areas.
ok-  a few areas ;-)

Have a great day all!

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